Ia Pết – Đak Đoa 1&2 Wind Power Plants reach the target

Ia Pet - Dak Doa 1&2 Wind Power Project is a large-scale renewable energy project in Gia Lai province, invested by Ia Pet - Dak Doa 1&2 Wind Power Joint Stock Company with a total capacity of 2x99MW. The project includes 44 wind turbine towers with capacity of 4.5MW, 35kV underground cable system, internal road traffic system and the Operation Management House area. In terms of power transmission infrastructure, the project has invested in building a 500kV substation with its capacity of 1x900MVA, more than 20km of 220kV overhead transmission lines and one 220kV substation with its capacity of 2x125MVA to bring the generating capacity of the plant into the national transmission line grid system.

Overview of Ia Pet - Dak Doa 1&2 Wind power plants (Gia Lai province)

With experience in implementing renewable energy projects, PECC1 has been trusted by the Investor to be assigned for the role of Project Management Consultancy and conducting review of Technical Design, detailed construction drawings. With the recognition of COD of the entire registered capacity, it shows the determination of the Investor as well as remarkable efforts of the agencies that participated in the project. The fact that Ia Pet - Dak Doa 1 & 2 wind power plants are connected to the 500kV power grid system has added a large amount of clean energy capacity to the national grid, helping to improve reliability and power supply capacity, in line with development orientation of power sources of the Government.

  • 08/11/2021 10:35

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