Inauguration of Lai Chau hydropower project

On 20 December 2016, at Nam Nhun ditrict, Lai Chau province, Vietnam Electricity held the inauguration ceremony of Lai Chau Hydropower project, completed one year earlier than the schedule agreed in the Resolution of the National Assembly.

Attending the ceremony were Mr. Trinh Dinh Dung - Member of the Central Party Committee, Deputy Prime Minister; the leaders of the Party, National Assembly, Government and Vietnam Fatherland Front, the relevant ministries and representatives of the People’s Committee of the provinces of Son La, Dien Bien, Lai Chau; the media agencies; Vietnam Electricity (the investor), Son La Hydropower Plant PMU (representive of the investor), the EPC Contractor, Contractor’s members, designers, supervision consultants, suppliers, etc...

Lai Chau hydropower projects with a total investment of 35,700 billion VND is a special- grade project and the third largest hydropower project on Da River, attached to the Son La  and Hoa Binh hydropower plants. The main task of the project is to provide electricity to the national electricity system with average annual power output of about 4.7 billion kWh; prevent flood in the rainy season, provide water in the dry season for Northern Delta and contribute in economic-socio development of the Northwest area.

The volume of the roller compacted concrete dam of Lai Chau hydropower is 1,886,000m3; the highest height is 137m, dam construction speed according to the height is 20m/month in average, and 27.9m /month as highest speed. This is one of the dams that have the world’s fastest construction speed. The compacted concrete construction ahead of schedule has facilitated the early construction of other works items; the water was soon filled in the reservoirs, giving benefit for generation of Lai Chau, Son La and Hoa Binh hydropower plants.

Lai Chau hydropower project is also recorded the remarkable growth of personnel, engineers, electrical workers, the Vietnam Machinery Erection industry. This is a nation-level multi-purposed hydropower plant that the engineers and workers in Vietnam did at their own all the planning, designing, construction and installation, device synchronization, monitoring, management and operating work.

To achieve the completion of the project 01 year earlier compared to the Resolution of the National Assembly, it is thanks to the strict direction of the State Steering Committee, the synchronization between ministries, sectors and localities, the capital during the early stages and layout clearance for construction. During the construction process, the construction units have encountered many difficulties due to several reasons: the construction works are in rural areas, transportation infrastructure, unfavorable geological conditions,  etc… However, by the solidarity and the promotion of technical innovations, production optimization, raising the maximum potential scientific and technical mastery, with best efforts of all staff and workers on the construction site, the investor and contractors strived to overcome all obstacles to build up a modern industrial project inside the northwest mountainous area. The success of this project is the result of having strict directions and spirit of diligence, creative minds, the power of the human intellect of Vietnam.

The fact that the project completed 01 year early compared with the Resolution of the National Assembly meant earlier supply for the national electricity system of about 4.7 billion kWh, an important contribution to ensuring national energy security, boosting economic and social development of Lai Chau province in particular and the national economy in general. Besides the benefits of increasing annual revenue for Lai Chau province, the construction of Lai Chau hydropower project also incorporated meaningful arrangement and building of residential areas, especially the resettlement areas under infrastructure standards for new rural area, construction of system of bridges, roads. All plays an important role for promoting economic development - social Lai Chau province and the Northwest region.

- The main contractors engaged in the project:

Project construction component was performed by a combination of contractors led by Song Da Corporation; all members include Song Da Corporation; Vietnam Machinery Erection Corporation; Infrastructure  Construction and Development Corporation; Truong Son Corporation. The project implementation was supervised by Son La PMB with assistance of Fichtner (Germany); installation supervision was done by Son La Hydropower Company.

Main equipment for the plant was supplied by: Electromechanical equipment by the Consortium of HZN / ALSTOM; 500kV transformer by TBEA; 500 kV GIS by NHVS; The hydro-mechanical equipment are mainly made by domestic contractors (intake gate by  Consortium of MIE, AGRIMECO, NARIME; penstock by the Consortium  of CEMC and PEC, cranes by Consortium of Hong Nam Mechanical Joint Stock Company and Quang Trung Mechanical Enterprise ).

- The project milestones:

+ Commencement: 05 November 2011;

+ River stop – Stage 1st: 24 April 2012;

+ River stop – Stage 2nd: 15 October 2014;

+ Drain line, reservoirs fill-in:  20 June 2015;

+ Generation of Group 1: 14 December 2015;

+ Generation of Group 2: 20 June 2016;

+ Generation of Group 3: 09 November 2016.

The inaguration of Lai Chau Hydropower project is also an achievement to celebrate the 62th traditional day of the Vietnam Electricity sector (21 December 1954 – 21 December 2016).


Lai Chau Hydropower project consists of 2 components:

+ Construction of Lai Chau hydropower plant component by Vietnam Electricity as an investor (main items include: dam, spillway, power lines, power plants, transmission systems connected to the national grid), avoiding flooded provincial highway 127 and the Muong Te - Pac Ma bypass flooded section;

+ Project resettlement component with the People's Committee of Lai Chau province as the investor;

Overview of the construction project:

- Investor: Vietnam Electricity, represented by the Project Management Board of Son La hydropower plant

- Main designer: Power Construction Consulting JS Company No. 1

- The main parameters and volume of hydropower project:

+ Catchment area: 26,000 km2

+ Reservoir capacity: 1,215 billion m3

+ Normal water level: 295 m

+ The water level reinforced: 297.90 m

+ Dead water level: 265.00 m

+Installed capacity: 1,200 MW (3 x 400MW)

+ Annual electricity output: 4,670 billion kWh

+ Structural concrete gravity dam 137.00 m high, a crest length of 613.00 m, the plant has 2 deep discharge compartments (BxH = 4x6) m, 6 (14.5 x 20.0 BxH =) m, discharge surface compartment (14.5 x 20.0 BxH =) m. Open-typed hydropower plant, located behind the dam.

+ Volume of earthworks: 16.780 m3 x 106  m3 + The volume of concrete of all kinds:  3.25 million m3, of which 1.36 million m3 of vibrated concrete  (CVC) and 1.89 million m3 of roller compacted concrete (RCC).

+ Reinforced drilling and waterproofing injection drilling: 111.370 x103 md

+ Volume of equipment: 34.00 x 103 tons of types of equipment.


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