Synchronization of the unit No 2 of the Lai Chau hydropower project to the national power grid

At 9:15 on June 20, 2016 the unit No 4 of 400 MW capacity of the Lai Chau hydropower plant officially generated electricity and successfully synchronized for the first time to the national grid. The highest power in the first synchronization of the unit reaching 400MW. Currently, the contractors are performing all the testings as stipulated in the contracts in order to prepare for the commercial operation of the unit and officially put the unit into operation the the beginning of the third quarter of 2016.

The Lai Chau hydropower project with the   total investment of VND 35,700 billion is the project of special category and is the third largest  hydropower plant on the Da river, on the same cascade of the Son La and Hoa Binh hydropower plants.  The main tasks of the project are to provide electricity for the national grid, to serve the flood control in the rainy season and to supply water in the dry season for the Northern Plain, at the same time  contributing to the social-economic development of the provinces of Lai Chau, Dien Bien and North-Western areas, ensuring the defense security of the Northwestern areas.


The completion of the milestone of generation of the unit No 2 of the Lai Chau hydropower plant project in June 2016 is one of the important reprequisite to ensure the progress of completion and generation of the unit No 3 in November 2016; complete the whole project in 2016, one year earlier than the approved schedule.

Some major  milestones of the Lai Chau Hydropower project

+ Commencement : Jan 5,  2011+  

+ Closing intake gate of diversion tunnel, water storage for the reservoir:  June 20, 2015

+ Generation of unit No 1: Dec 2015

+ Generation of unit No 2 June 2016

+ Expected completion of the whole project: December, 2016  


  • 20/06/2016 09:32

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