Lai Chau HPP to reach 500,000 m3 RCC

The Lai Chau HPP has just completed its 500,00 m3 per total of 1 million m3 of RCC scheduled for .

The Lai Chau HPP has just completed its 500,00 m3 per total of 1 million m3 of RCC scheduled for this year plan.

Recently, at Lai Chau HPP construction site, the contractors have placed and completed the C3L and L1A blocks on main dam, reached to elevation of 219.3m.
Placement and construction under weather conditions of rainy season, but above that the contractors have mobilized its human sources, vehicle, equipment to perform the work while continuously preaparing various methods to satisfy requirement, target and design document of the project.
Mr. Tran Ngoc Quan, deputy manager of Construction Department under Song Da 9.08 contractor said: “Whole of conveyor system ever from batching station, which is under operation by Song Da 5.08, to the dam, ensures specification on cooling criteria as well as the compactiveness and vibration. The fresh mixed RCC is supplied, leveled according to required thickness of layer under supervision and guidance before being compacted to achieve speficied indicators.

  • 11/12/2013 09:57

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