More than 1,000 officers and staffsgo to the field of Lai Chau Hydropower

With the initial success achieved in 2013 (all items were met and exceeded the proposed plan) so in ...

With the initial success achieved in 2013 (all items were met and exceeded the proposed plan) so in this Lunar New Year, staffs and workers on the construction site of Lai Chau Hydropowerhave been in the holiday according to the regulation.

Entering 2014, it is been identified to bethe yearwith very large construction volume so MB has planned the detailed construction schedule in year. Accordingly, in 2014, on the site of Lai Chau hydropower, construction must be completed with a mass of about 500,000 m3 of conventional vibratedconcrete, 500,000 m3 of Roller Compacted Concrete, entire consolidation grouting,curtain grouting for dam shall be completed; components of intake, spillway shall be placed up to the designed elevation; powerhouse, erection floor shall be done up to designed elevation.

To accomplish this plan, the Project Management Boardhad been cooperated with the construction companies on the site to propose detailed plan and made the commitment onprogress
 At the same time the Project Management Board has organized timely to select contractors,signed contract for materials and equipment procurement to supply timely on site. In addition, the Board has completedthe relativerecords,procedures, loans are early disbursed to serve for construction in the next years

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