Deputy PM Trinh Dinh Dung inaugurated Lai Chau Hydropower plant

Deputy PM Trinh Dinh Dung inaugurated Lai Chau hydropower plant at 11:00 December 20th, in Nam Nhin district, Lai Chau province.

At the inauguration ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung appreciated the significant progress that had been made by the relevant units in management, design, construction, installation and coordination efforts to complete the Lai Chau hydropower project one year ahead of the schedule of the Resolution of the National Assembly.

Deputy PM Trinh Dinh Dung and representative leaders of Ministries, departments, agencies, and EVN inaugurated Lai Chau hydropower plant. Photo: Ng.Tuan

Deputy PM Dung gave the operation key of Lai Chau Hydropower Plant to Son La hydropower Company - Photo credit: Ng.Tuan

The early completion of Lai Chau Hydropower plant had a significant meaning, significantly contributing in the capability to meet the power demand of the economy and society in the future. Lai Chau hydropower reservoirs put into operation will further improve the ability to supply water for agricultural production of the Northern Delta and improve the useful operation time of the Son La, Hoa Binh hydropower plants.

According to EVN General Director Dang Hoang An, the economic benefits of 1 year early operation would create revenue of more than 5,000 billion dongs, saving more than 2 million tons of coal to produce the equivalent amount of power. So far, Lai Chau Hydropower Plant has generated nearly 4 billion kWh to the national grid, contributing to the state budget more than 730 billion dongs.

Also at the ceremony, President’s First-class Labour medals were awarded to one team and one individual; and Second- class Labour medals awarded to three individuals for achievements in building Lai Chau hydropower plant.

Lai Chau hydropower plant is graded as special construction works and the third largest hydropower work in Da River, linked with Son La and Hoa Binh hydropower plants, with the total investment capital of 35,700 billion dongs.

Main functions: power supply to the national power system; flood prevention in raining season, water supply in dry season for the Northern Delta and contribution to the economic and social development of the Northwest region.   


Lai Chau hydropower

- Located in Nam Nhin district, Lai Chau province;

- Installed capacity:  1.200 MW (3 x 400 MW);

- Average electricity output 4.7 billion kWh (excluding output increase of lower works of 59.9 billion kWh);

- Commencement: 05 November 2011;

- River interception phase 1: 24 April 2012;

- River interception phase 2: 15 October 2014;

-  Drain closure, reservoir fill-up: 20 June 2015;

- Run Turbine 1 for generation: 14 December 2015;

- Run Turbine 2 for generation: 20 June 2016;

- Run Turbine 3 for generation: 09 November 2016;



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