Lai Chau Hydropower plant produces more than 1 billion kWh

Mr. Hoang Trong Nam – Director of Son La Hydropower Company, which was assigned to receive and operate the Lai Chau hydropower plant said, up to 7:00AM on 28 June 2016, the Lai Chau hydropower plant has produced 1.039 billion kWh.

In particular, the unit no.1 produced 970.7 million kWh, the unit no.2 produced 68.4 million kWh.

Before of that, the unit no.1 and unit no.2 of Lai Chau hydropower plant were put into operation and connected to the national power system at 8:20 PM on 14 December 2015 and 9:15 AM on 20 June 2016 respectively. After the operation of these two units, the Son La Hydropower Company fully performed the testing all items of these two units to ensure their technical parameter complying with the technical design.

Both units of Lai Chau hydropower plant stably operate and supply a large electricity source for the national power system – Photo by Thu Ha

According to Mr. Nam, the contribution of Lai Chau hydropower plant which is more than 1 billion kWh and the stable operation of these two units at this time is very meaningful in power supply for the country, especially in the condition of serious drought of  hydropower reservoirs in Central and Central Highland of Vietnam. Moreover, the water flow of Lai Chau hydropower reservoir is very good at this time and correspondingly the company will take full advantage of this water resource to generate electricity without excess discharge.

Regarding the human resource for the operation of Lai Chau hydropower plant, Mr. Nam said: Up to now, 142 engineers and workers were carefully recruited and trained by the company and ready for the operation of Lai Chau hydropower plant. Besides the receipt and operation tasks, Son La hydropower company is also assigned to consult, supervise and install the electromechanical equipment at Lai Chau hydropower plant.

  • 28/06/2016 09:34

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