Successful installation of the Rotor of the generating unit No 3 of the Lai Chau Hydropower Plant Project

At 10.45 on September 06, 2016, the generator rotor of the unit No 3 of the Lai Chau hydropower plant project was successfully installed on its foundation by the Vietnam Electricity after 2 hours and 40 minutes to move into position.

The generator rotor of the unit No 3  is of  1,000 tons in weight , 15.587 m diameter and  2.816 m in height. It is one of the heaviest structure of the equipment installed at site. Before installing the rotor, the contractor has completed the installation of the turbine, stator, crane ... This is an important milestone, the reprequisite to commission the equipment   system, to meet the target of generationg the unit No 3 of the Lai Chau hydropower plant project  in November 2016 and inauguration of the whole project in December 2016.

Immediately after successfully landing the generator rotor of the unit No 3 of the  Lai Chau hydropower project, the Vietnam Electricity directed the Son La Hydropower Plant Project Management Board and the   contractors to review the entire project progress in order to closely monitor and allocate resources for construction of the remaining items, ready for the generation of the unit No 3.  

The Lai Chau hydropower project is one of the projects on the Da river cascade.  The objective  of the project is to provide electricity to the national power system, contribute together with other hydropower plants on the Da River cascade for the flood control in the rainy season, the water supply in the dry season for the Northern Plain, serving social and economic development of the provinces of  Lai Chau,  Dien Bien  and the Northwestern area.  

The main parameters of the power plant project: normal water level of the reservoir is 295 m, the dead water level is 265m; the total capacity of the reservoir is 1,215 million m3; the crest of the gravity concrete dam is 137 m in height;  the spillway consists of two deep discharge gates and  and 6 surface radial gates; the power house consists of 3 generating units  with total installed capacity of 1,200 MW;  average energy for many years is 4,670.8 million kWh.

General information of the Lai Chau hydropower plant project:  

Approved by the Prime Minister in the decision No. 822/QĐ-CP on June 7, 2010

Project Owner: Vietnam Electricity

Location: Nam Nhun town, Nam Nhun district,   Lai Chau province

Installed Capacity: 1,200 MW (400x3 MW)

Annual average energy: 4.69 billion kWh

Some major progress milestones:

 + Commencement : Jan 5,  2011

+ The first river blocking: April 24,  2011

+ The second river blocking: October 10, 2014

+ Closing intake gate of diversion tunnel, water storage for the reservoir:  June 20, 2015

+ Generation of unit No 1: Dec 2015

+ Expected completion of the whole project: December, 2016


1. Vietnam electricity

 Public Relations Department  

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2.  Son La - Lai Chau Hydropower Plant Project Management Board

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Address: D10 Khuat Duy Tien-Thanh Xuan Bac-Thanh Xuan district- Ha Noi.

  • 06/09/2016 09:35

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