Government requests to terminate reporting on Son La, Lai Chau hydropower projects

So far, after nearly 8 years of putting the project into safely and effectively commercial operation, Son La hydropower project (Son La HPP) has met requirements, targets, etc. proposed by the Government, National Assembly etc.,

Son La hydropower project

Lai Chau HPP has also completed its construction and come to commercial operation safely and effectively. Residents living in the resettlement areas have stabilized their lives and working activities at new places.

For two above mentioned reasons, in the report sending to the National Assembly in this session, the National Assembly is requested by the Government to give allow for terminating reports on such two national-scaled important projects.

Son La HPP has contributed 10.6 thousand billion VND to the national budget.

Giving general assessment on Son La HPP, the Government highly appreciated all ministries, sectors, localities and entities involving in the project with considerable efforts in implementing tasks and gaining positive results. The Son La HPP has been accepted & taken over and put into operation 3 years prior to the approved schedule and up to now, it has operated effectively and safety.

By the end of September 2018, Son La HPP has supplied 64.12 billion kWh for the national power system, playing an important role in power supply for the sake of socio-economic development in the country; the total contributory value to the State budget for the 3 provinces of Son La, Dien Bien and Lai Chau is 10.6 thousand billion VND.

In Lai Chau province, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has completed the transfer of all amount of money equivalents to the requested cultivated area upon the approval decision; this kind of work has been ongoing implemented for the remained land area in Son La and Dien Bien provinces upon the approval decisions.

After 15 years of implementation, to date, the resettlement project of Son La HPP has basically finished. Lives and working activities of local residents in the resettlement sites in Son La, Dien Bien, Lai Chau provinces have gradually become tabilization, average income reaches more than 1.2 million VND/person/month (more than 14 million VND/person/an), 3.92 times higher than the time before resettlement. The rate of poor households in the resettlement sites decreases 2.56 times.

The fact that Son La HPP completed 3 years before the planned schedule upon the National Assembly’s Decree and investment decision of the Government has been emphasized by the Government to be extremely meaningful, contributing to ensure the power system capacity. Of which it helps frequency regulation, synchronous compensation running, efficiency enhancement of National power system, increasing the annual power output of 1 billion kWh for Hoa Binh hydropower plant. Besides, it frequently co-ordinates tightly with other power plants on Da river system for downstream flood control immediately from 2011, helping to reduce flood discharge from Hoa Binh hydropower reservoir, co-operating with Hoa Binh HPP to meet water demand for the Northern delta area.

Lai Chau hydropower project completes 1 year before the planned schedule.

Lai Chau HPP, according to the report, has also completed all constructions of project items. The 1st unit has been put into operation since 14th March 2016, the 2nd unit has been generated since 20th June 2016, and 3rd unit generated since 10th November 2016.

This project has exceeded its approved schedule at Decree No. 40/2009/QH12 of the National Assembly 1 year in advance.

By the end of September 2018, the total power output of the plant supplied to the National power system reaches 11.74 billion kWh equivalent to 11.74 thousand millions VND (calculating with energy tariff of approximately 1,000 VND/kWh), contributing significantly to satisfy the demand of power supply for national socio-economic development. Up to now, the total contributory value to the national budget is more than 2.36 thousand billions VND (including value added tax, royalty tax, forestry environment fee, water exploitation rights fee, etc with annual average value of about 0.85 thousand billions VND).

The completion of inundated bypass traffic road project of provincial road No. 127 for the part of Nam Nhun – Muong Te – Pac Ma has ensured the general time schedule, the road has been handed over to the locality for management. The road route which connects the resettlement site with Muong Te town has been positively performed and followed-up the time schedule as specified in the contract.

According to the report, movement of all project affected households out of the reservoir area and layout construction area has satisfied overall time schedule. Presently, people in the new resettlement sites, areas have stabilized their lives and producing activities. The stabilization of resettlement sites, production development of local residents at resettlement sites have always been paid attention to by competent authorities at all levels.

The resettlement areas, sites in the territory have been equipped sufficiently with essential infrastructures such as electricity, road, schools, substations, household water that timely meeting for people’s demands of travelling, working, living activities; schools, classes at all grades have been invested affirming to meet demand on teaching and learning of pupils and teachers in the new residential sites according to approved detailed plan. 

  • 13/11/2018 07:44

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