Completion of entire 220kV Muong La substation project and connection

On July 15, 2021, the Central Vietnam Power Projects Management Board (CPMB), together with relevant units, successfully energized for the first time without load and put the transformer AT2 (220/110/22kV -125MVA) and related equipment under the 220kV Muong La Substation Project and connection (phase 2) into operation.

PECC1, the Design Consultant of the Project, performed the following tasks: Investigation for the FS Report preparation for Investment and Construction phase, preparation of FS Report and Specialized Reports; Investigation for the preparation of TDR - Construction Drawing Design phase; the preparation of Bidding Documents and Total Estimate; the preparation of TDR and Total Estimate, the preparation of construction drawing design; Measuring cadastral maps, extracting cadastral measurements of land plots in service of compensation for land clearance; Monitoring and observation for environmental monitoring report preparation during construction together with specialized agreements.

The project’s scale is to newly construct and install two 220/110/22 kV - 125 MVA transformers, eight 220kV bays and thirteen 110kV bays. The main electrical connection diagram on the 220kV side is designed and built according to the quadrilateral diagram with the possibility of developing to a two-busbar diagram with a ring busbar consisting of 2 line bays and 2 transformer bays. The main electrical connection diagram on the 110kV side is designed according to the busbar system diagram with a ring busbar, including 10 bays, including 5 transmission line bays, 1 reactor bay, and 4 spare bays. The 220kV branch includes 03 positions, connecting on the 220kV transmission line between 500kV Son La substation - 220kV Son La substation.

The project, after being completed, will meet the requirements of supplying electricity for loads in Son La province, collecting the capacity of small hydroelectric plants in Son La province and surrounding areas to transfer to the national power system. Besides, it enables to decline the load on the 220kV Son La substation, strengthen the system connection, improve the safety, reliability and power quality for the regional power grid; mitigate the capacity loss in the transmission network, increase the overall production and business efficiency for EVN.

The energizing AT2 transformer marks the completion of the entire project. Previously, on January 26, 2021, the AT1 transformer (220/110/22 kV - 125 MVA) was successfully energized.

  • 16/07/2021 04:06

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