PECC1 was awarded 3 high quality construction package prizes

Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 1 (PECC1) was awarded “High Quality Construction Package Prize” in the forth batch of 2019 and the first batch of 2020 for 3 packages, i.e. “Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant Design Consultant”, “Huoi Quang Hydropower Plant Design Consultant” and “Huoi Quang Hydropower Plant Supervision Consultant” by the Ministry of Construction.

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Minister Le Quang Hung released that the High Quality Construction Package Award is one of the important events of the construction industry to honor organizations that have tried their great efforts and dedication in creating high quality construction projects and packages. 

Pictured with Mr. Pham Minh Ha (Chief of the State Agency for Quality Construction Inspection, Ministry of Construction) and Ms. Nguyen Thi Duyen (Chairwoman of Vietnam Engineering Consultant Association)

In addition to the criteria for awarding high quality construction project (project quality; construction safety; fire and explosion prevention and fighting safety and environmental sanitation; project construction schedule; application of new technologies, new materials, scientific and technical advances in construction, and so on). Particularly, the projects must be accepted for completion and put into operation in accordance with legislation within 3 years up to the time of registration for award consideration.

Huoi Quang HPP

Accordingly, for the package “Design Consultant” and “Supervision Consultant” for Huoi Quang HPP, it is the first underground hydropower plant designed by Vietnam with the total capacity of 520MW (2x260MW). The project is complicated as 2 headrace tunnels run through mountain, generator is put underground. PECC1’s engineers had looked for and applied various software as well as composed calculation programs specifically for the project in order to ensure the accuracy in the design, stability and safety in the significant earthquake area (MCE has the PGA of 245cm/s2).

Regarding supervision consulting work, PECC1 has assisted the Project Developer in information supply and implementation schedule, clarified relevant issues with authorized bodies in line with the required project schedule and quality and highly appreciated by the Project Developer.

Thai Binh TPP

For the package “Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant Design Consultant”, this is one of the key projects of the Government owned by Vietnam Electricity (EVN) with the total investment of over 26,000 billion VND, the total installed capacity of 600MW (2x300MW) and the generated electrical energy of about 3.6 billion kWh/year. As there is an urgent need to bring the power plant into operation as scheduled in the mater plan, PECC1’s engineers had to work hard and try their best in support of high quality and on schedule design dossiers.  

The design of the project not only satisfies technical and economic conditions but also must be environmentally friendly. In particular, the most practical and visible benefits, through rehabilitation and resettlement in association with the development planning of aquaculture areas, contribute to partly improve the income and living standard of local inhabitants who live nearby Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant. So far, Thai Binh TPP is one of the few thermal power projects in Vietnam completed before schedule.

The awards are the recognition of the competence, creativity as well as the on-going efforts of PECC1’s staff throughout the establishment and development period and are the driving force for PECC1 to become a leading consulting company in the field of energy, industry and infrastructure in Vietnam and the region

According to Deputy Minister Le Quang Hung, organizations and individuals who awarded the quality construction prices will be honored and guaranteed their benefits, specifically as follows: Given with priority in the process of contractor selection in construction activities; to be considered for contract awards according to legislation and agreements with project developers; awards news is published on the mass media and on the website of the Ministry of Construction and dedicated management ministries and the Departments of Construction in the local as the capability evaluation basis in the process of contractor selection in construction activities, etc.

  • 06/07/2020 10:17

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