Contract Signing Ceremony for “Consultancy Service for Detailed Design, Nam Mo 2 Hydropower project” (120MW)

In the afternoon of August 19th 2020, at the headquarter of PECC1, the contract signing ceremony “Consultancy Service for Detailed Design, Nam Mo 2 Hydropower project (120MW)” between Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 1 (PECC1) and Mekong Investment Holdings (MIH) was held.

Participating in the ceremony were Mr. Tran The Thanh – General Director of MIH and Mr. Pham Nguyen Hung - General Director of PECC1 and the leaders of functional departments of the two Parties.

Nam Mo 2 hydropower project is located on Nam Mo river, in Lao PDR’s territory, Muong Moc district, Xieng Khoang province. The damsite location is about 70km towards upstream of Nam Mo river from Vietnam-Laos border.

The project area is located on the high moutain with the elevation ranging from above 500m to above 1,300m. Nam Mo hydropower project which is the headrace works with high head (approx. 750m) for power generation consisting of 3 units with the installed capacity of 120MW. After being completed, the project shall create favourable conditions for socio-economic development in the region.

At the ceremony, Mr. Tran The Thanh expressed his trust and highly appreciated PECC1’s experience, services quality, as well as prestige in the consulting, design works for power project. Especially, for Nam Mo 2 HPP, PECC1 is the Consultancy unit participated in investigation, and design from the very first stages. Having gone through 2 stages of Technical Design preparation with many studies from geological investigation, topographical mapping to study, selection and layout arrangement of project components therefore, PECC1 has a thorough understanding of Nam Mo 2 HPP in terms of consultancy aspect.

According to Mr. Pham Nguyen Hung, in addition to the available competence and understanding of the project, PECC1 has also participated in many hydropower projects in Lao PDR with various design stages, and taken part in solving outstanding problems arisen in large-scaled projects in Laos. That is the reason why PECC1 has strong background in knowledges of the laws and design regulations of Lao Government. Therefore, PECC1 confirmed that it will complete accurately and effectively all consultancy works for Nam Mo 2 hydropower project.

Closing the ceremony, representatives of the Parties has expressed their determination in coordination to conduct the project properly, satisfying the targeted schedule and expected to have more cooperative opportunities in the future.

Some photographs at the ceremony:

Mr. Pham Nguyen Hung and Mr. Tran The Thanh – representatives of the two Parties signed in the Contract.

Taking memorial photograph at the ceremony.

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