Virtual Contract Signing Ceremony for the Engineering Consulting Services for Designing works - Package 1 – Headworks – Tanahu Hydropower project (140MW) in Nepal.

In the afternoon in September 20th, 2021, at the Head Office of Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 1 (PECC1), the Contract Signing Ceremony for the Engineering Consulting Services for Designing works - Package 1 – Headworks – Tanahu Hydropower project (140MW) was held between Song Da – Kalika Joint Venture and PECC1.

The format of the Signing Ceremony was virtual with the witness from PECC1 of Mr. Nguyen Huu Chinh – General Director of PECC1 in association with  leadership of the Management Board and of relevant Departments; from Song Da-Kalika JV are Mr. Padam Gurung – Director of Business Development, leadership of Kalika and engineers in charged for the project and, from Song Da Corporation are Mr. Nguyen Van Thu – Deputy General Director and his staffs.

Tanahu hydropower project (Tanahu HPP) is designed aiming at meeting the peak power demand in Nepal in dry winter months and operates as a load power plant during remaining time of the year. The project will provide an alternative  solution for the expensive fossil fuel-based power generation through sustainable renewable energy, helping to avoid generation of extra heat (diesel–fired) relating to the emission of high CO2 and other harmful atmospheric pollutants, and simultaneously contributing to stabilize the Nepal's power supply system and to reduce transmission losses.

At the Ceremony, Mr. Padam Gurung said that Kalika is very proud of having the opportunity to work with Song Da Corporation and PECC1. He expressed his pleasure that the parties have reached this contract signing ceremony after a long negotiation process. Today's contract signing ceremony will mark the first step in the project implementation process with a lot of challenges and difficulties that the parties have to face with, especially in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, Mr. Padam expresses his hopefulness and confidence that with a high qualified company with lots of experiences like PECC1, Tanahu HPP will be a successful project.

Having speech at the Ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Huu Chinh shared: “Today’s signing ceremony shows the respect in cooperation between Song Da – Kalika JV and PECC1 and this is an important milestone of the subsequent steps in the future. We believe that with our rich experience and in-depth knowledge, we could provide the best services and the most effective technical solution for this  project”.

PECC1’s General Director also expresses his sincere thanks to the leadership of JV. Those are the close and timely guidance and supports from the Chairman, General Director of Kalika and from the leaders of Song Da Corporation. Mr. Chinh also looks forward to receiving the continued cooperation and support during project implementation progress and hopes for the cooperation in the subsequent projects.

With the package 1, PECC1’ assignments are as given below: 

 -   Update and evaluate hydro-meteorological conditions, engineering geological conditions for the headwork alignment.

-   Prepare the Technical Design and Construction Drawing for the headwork components  including 140m gravity concrete dam, spillway with 4 bays of 12.7x12.7m, with its discharge capacity of 7377m3/s, 2 low level outlets of 3.8x3.8m, and 2 sand flushing outlets of 5x5m, and the environmental discharge hole of 1.2x1.2m.

-    Design stilling basin and concrete auxiliary dam at the downstream;

 -  Design 6 grouting galleries inside  dam body (total length of 1,350 m) and auxiliary tunnel accessing to grouting galleries and to the upstream cofferdam (total length of approximately of 1,020 m);

So far, this has been the highest dam in Nepal and received great attention from the State and the People of Nepal. The project has quite complicated engineering geological and topographical features with narrow river bed, 30 m thick alluvium overburden layer, maximum credible earthquake (MCE) with peak ground acceleration (PGA) up to 0.39g, equivalent to 9th seismic intensity (in MSK-64 scale). In addition, it is also computed and verified with the PGA up to 0.7g (equivalent to a 10th seismic intensity - MSK-64 scale). Besides, the project’s time schedule is presently quite urgent and tight with difficulties in travelling because of Covid-19 pandemic situation which is a big challenge for PECC1 for staff mobilization and implementation of the work. Nevertheless, with the in-depth experience and high quality in providing consulting services which have been demonstrated in many successfully implemented  power projects, PECC1 is confident that the project will be completed on schedule with the best quality and ensuring safety criteria.

In association with the fact that the loan sponsor’s appraisal conducted by an international consultant and the strict requirements on contractor's experience, the continuance in trustily selection of PECC1 by investors has more and more confirmed the Company’s strengthen growth in entering and expanding its market, creating the confidence and position to local and international partners.

Salient parameters of Tanahu hydropower project:

·        Full Supply Level of Reservoir: 415.0m.

·        Gross storage: 295.1 x 106 m3.

·       Gravity concrete dam, maximum dam height: 140m; dam crest elevation: 420m.

·       Spillway has 4 bays with dimension of 12.7x12.7m and 02 low level outlets of 3.8x3.8m, sand flushing outlet of 5x5m, environmental discharge hole of 1.2x1.2m.

·        Headrace tunnel’s length: 1.162 m.

·        Underground power house:  27m x 46m x 97m.

·        02 Vertical -shaft Francis turbines with its rated capacity: 71,800 kW.

Some pictures at the Ceremony:

Mr. Nguyen Huu Chinh - General Director of PECC1 had a speech at the Ceremony

The Representative of Joint Venture, Kalika signed the Contract with PECC1


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