Digital transformation and solutions to improve the efficiency of investment and construction management of EVN

In the morning of April 14, 2021, leaders of PECC1 and the delegation participated in the " Investment and Construction Conferenceof Vietnam Electricity (EVN)" in 2021. The conference took place from April 14-16, 2021, in Da Nang co-chaired by EVN's Deputy General Director Nguyen Tai Anh and EVN’s Deputy General Director Pham Hong Phuong.

EVN's Deputy General Director Nguyen Tai Anh delivered a guidance speech at the Conference

Participating in the Conference were leaders of functional divisions of Vietnam Electricity, General Directors, Deputy General Directors of Corporations directly under EVN; PMUs and consulting companies directly under EVN and Corporations.

The Conference focused on discussing difficulties and obstacles in investment, construction, land clearance, funding mobilization, and so on of power source and grid projects.

At the Conference, Mr. Nguyen Huu Chinh - Deputy General Director of PECC1 gave a presentation "Expanding capacity of existing hydropower plants". Thereby, he said that “Hydropower is the type with the highest flexibility in the system with the short-time unit start, outage ability, good load increase and decrease speed, wide adjustment range and capable of consuming and generating reactive power in order to ensure stable voltage in the permissible range and operating in low-capacity range", According to Mr. Nguyen Huu Chinh, considering the structure of power sources in the Vietnamese power system, we can see that the role of hydropower source is indicated via major issues as given below:

  • Energy security: The main power generation sources in the power system are coal-fired thermal power, gas-fired thermal power and hydropower. Coal-fired and LNG thermal power plants significantly depend on import fuels due to limited local fuels. Meanwhile, hydropower, if being properly paid attention to exploitation, will be a valuable energy source. Hydropower production accounts for about 47% in 2018 and more than 41% in 2019, respectively). 
  • Power generation cost reduction in the system: Hydropower is a renewable energy source with low operating cost, contributing to lower generation costs of the system. Currently, the power generation cost price from hydropower is the lowest among power sources in Vietnam.
  • Power quality of the power system: Hydropower has advantages in frequency adjustment, flexibility in balance adjustment with load capacity, particularly  meeting peak loads and especially capacity incidents redundancy.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Chinh - Deputy General Director of PECC1 delivered his presentation at the Conference

Mr. Nguyen Huu Chinh also released that: The value of hydropower expansion is not the increase in electricity due to capacity expansion but the value of available capacity, the ability to participate in peak load or support the system at the fastest time. Economic efficiency is shown in the amount of electricity that the expansion can convert from off-peak hours to peak-hours. On the other hand, when being expanded, hydropower plants also provide a considerable amount of energy and improve the power quality for the power system. Therefore, in the structure of future power sources, the role of hydropower plants should be re-defined in the direction of covering the peak load of the load chart and incidents redundancy (for solar power sources) in order to take advantage of hydropower and contribute to environmental protection by reducing solid waste from the use of energy storage facility of renewable energy.

Also at the Conference, many other presentations of delegates were also presented with contents such as:

  • Current situation, obstacle identification, solutions to accelerate progress and quality in project investment preparation.
  • Actual status on investigation, engineering consultancy quality and challenges in the coming period for power transmission works.
  • Efficiency improvement in project construction management with comprehensive digital transformation.
  • A number of legal issues about construction contract management.
  • Actual status on difficulties and obstacles affecting the compensation and land clearance progress, compensation work for power grid project construction.

Conference panorama  

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