PECC1 awarded “ASEAN Outstanding Enterprise of Vietnam 2020”.

On the evening of October 4th 2020, at the "Outstanding Vietnamese Enterpise, Entrepreneur- ASEAN 2020" held at Hanoi Opera House, Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 1 (PECC1) was honored to be one among the Company was named in " ASEAN Outstanding Enterprises of Vietnam 2020" thanks to its positive contributions to the economic development of Vietnam – ASEAN.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Chinh – Deputy General Director of PECC1 – received “ASEAN Outstanding Enterprises of Vietnam 2020” award.

Being the leading consultancy firm in the Vietnamese power sector, PECC1 has a team of highly qualified and enthusiastic managers, officers and employees, together with a sustainable development strategy, focusing on maintaining the domestic market in paralell with looking for opportunities in the world. The projects conducted by the Company always meet schedule and high quality, contributing timely to supply power source for the cause of the national construction and development. The Board of Directors and employees of the company always make an effort to improve PECC1’s trademark with the mission: PRIORITY, CREATIVITY, RESPONSIBILITY, EFFICIENCY. This Award is an honour, and pride and also opens a great opportunity for PECC1 to introduce its trademark and products to the world. The Company gradually confirms its correct step in the development strategy in the future.

This ceremony was a part of a framework of events organized by the Central Association for Economic Development Cooperation in coordination with Ministries, Departments, and Sectors to promote the Vietnamese image and people, at the same time it met the expectations of Vietnamese enterprises to exchange and meet with partners in the ASEAN economic community in general and ASEAN +3 in particular, to share experiences of Industrial Revolution 4.0 adaptation, investment cooperation and participation in the global value series.

In addition, the forum also responded and propagated the theme of ASEAN 2020 - "ASEAN cohesive and responsive" with 5 priorities, not only for 2020 but also towards long-term goals. That is (1) positively contributing to the peaceful, secure and stable environment in the region; (2) promoting prosperity development on the basis of regional connection, enhancing adaptability, taking adavantages of opportunities of the Industrial Revolution 4.0; (3) promoting ASEAN community awareness and character; (4) promoting partnership for peace and sustainable development, promoting ASEAN's role and contribution in the international community; and (5) enhancing ASEAN's operational capacity and efficiency (Governmental Prime Minister's Message on Vietnam’s 2020 ASEAN Chairmanship).

This event was the opportunity and good condition for extensive conmunication to the enterprise community, providing more useful information for enterprises demonstrating the initiative and self-strength in response to the enterprise’s integration and enthusiastically adapting to the national major events, bringing benefits in various aspects in the socio-economic lives of the enterprise community in general.

  • 05/10/2020 02:00

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