Ability of Company

Experts and engineers of the Company, with a high professional knowledge and experience, are tested from reality of local and international projects and have a much time to contact with foreign specialists of famous foreign consultant firms.
The Company takes the head in application of international achievement such as new and advanced technologies, modern software, renovation of testing equipments for consultancy works of project design, especially, projects are located in zones of high seismic activity, complicated geology, reservoir with a large storage, open and underground power house with a large capacity…. of which representatives are:
  • Design of Concrete Faced Rockfill Dam (CFRD) is a new technology that the Company carried out for the first time in Viet Nam and succeeded in Tuyen Quang Hydropower Project of which the reservoir is put into operation 2 years sooner than scheduled, saved hundreds millions VND. With selection of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) technology, the first unit construction of Son La Hydropower Project is allowable to put into operation 2 years sooner and the project is completed 3 years shorter than approved schedule...
  • Computation to select optimization of technology of boiler consistent with specific quality of Vietnamese and abroad coal, satisfying standards of environment;
  • Analysis of power system to select synchronous equipment for design of transmission lines, sub stations, thermal power plants with voltage to 500kV; Design of GIS sub stations upto 500kV;
  • Equipment of topographical survey, geological investigation and physical survey has a high accuracy. Geological survey following seismic refraction method to define of geological conditions of foundation, factors of longitudinal and horizontal waves, massive modulus, dynamic flexibility, sliding modulus,... to study of earthquake and design of projects. Testing to determine physicomechanical proprieties of foundation and material for design;
  • Testing concrete has a break through. Experience and standards of advanced countries are applied for selection of a continuous granulation curve of aggregate allowing to avoid technical difficulties of placing concrete mass with a high safe condition, cost saving and reduction of construction time;

Projects, carried out by the Company, have often met time schedule and quality, contributed timely to provide power sources with a cheap price for construction and development of country. Company was awarded title of Labor Hero, a second - class independent medal, many labor medals and many diplomas of merit, triumphant banners of occasion are offered by Government, Ministry of Industry & Trade and EVN.




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