Inauguration Ceremony of Ia Pet Dak Doa 1, 2 Wind Power Projects and 500kV Pleiku 3 Substation

On the morning of January 14, 2022, Mr. Le Minh Tuan - PECC1’s representative and engineers participated in “Inauguration Ceremony of Ia Pet Dak Doa 1, 2 Wind Power Project and 500kV Pleiku 3 Substation” at Ia Pet Commune, Dak Doa District, Gia Lai province. Also in the morning, PECC1 was honored to be awarded the certificate of the Company’s excellent achievements and contributions to the project success at the "Certificate Award Ceremony to the Contractor".

Mr. Le Minh Tuan (2nd from the left) and representatives of the parties cut the ribbon to inaugurate the complex of 02 power plants

Ia Pet Dak Doa 1 & 2 wind power plant has a total capacity of 200 MW, built with 02 plants, each has a capacity of 100 MW with a very large scale to be implemented including 44 wind turbines, one 500kV substation, one 220kV substation, 500kV and 220kV transmission lines, auxiliary buildings, roads and a large volume of 35kV underground lines/cables connecting turbines.. After nearly 1 performance year, up to now, all items of the project have been accepted and put into operation as planned. From October 28, 2021, both plants have been officially put into operation after completing the trial commissioning process according to regulations of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Vietnam Electricity.

Mr. Le Minh Tuan on behalf of PECC1 received the certificate of the Company’s excellent achievements and contributions to the project.       

Speaking on behalf of PECC1 at the ceremony, Mr. Le Minh Tuan said: Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 1 is very honored to be trusted by the Investor to choose for performing the  Management Consulting for 2 projects. This is an honor but also a great challenge for PECC1 because wind power is a very new field in Vietnam, requesting extensively technical and operational management. After being assigned, the Company promptly organized the technical departments at the construction site and the other based in Hanoi, together with the Investor, to carry out the project management from the planning stage for the overview schedule and detailed schedule for each stage, review the Design Dossiers, select contractors, submit and explain Design Dossier to the Ministry of Industry and Trade and relevant agencies. At the same time, PECC1 reviewed and evaluated equipment documents provided by contractors, organize construction and installation work at the site, organizedpersonnel management and works relating to labour safety, ensured the safe and sound environment during construction process. The company had cooperated with the Investor to review and accept work items, prepared documents for acceptance and assessment of construction completion according to regulations of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.The project implementation time (including the submission of documents in various stages and organization of equipment procurement, construction, installation, commissioning and acceptance) is very short, only about 10 months, which is a great difficulty for the project management. It is especially difficult when the project was implemented in the context of the stressful Covid-19 pandemic and the rainy weather in Gia Lai starting from June. To meet the project schedule, PECC1 together with the Investor directed the construction contractors works day and night, smoothly coordinated steps and parts to boost up the project schedule.  

In his speech, Mr. Le Minh Tuan, on behalf of the Company, expressed his deep gratitude to the leaders of Gia Lai province, the Project Investor and the partners/contractors for closely coordinating, supporting and creating favorable conditions for PECC1 to successfully complete the assigned Project Management Consulting tasks.

Certificate of outstanding achievements and contribution of the Company to the success of the project.

The complex of 2 wind power plants projects, i.e. Ia Pet Dak Doa 1, 2 was officially recognized to have completed the COD test from EVN and obtained the certificate of completion of construction work acceptance by the Ministry of Industry and Trade 3 days before the deadline of October 31, 2021 to order to receive the FIT price mechanism. These two plants are among the few plants with high capacity to be fully COD recognized before the deadline of October 31, 2021 to show great efforts of the Project Investor and related entities.

When the project comes into operation, it will provide clean energy for Gia Lai province and nearby areas, contributing to ensuring energy security for the National Power System, reducing transmission losses on the grid system, and at the same time in line with the local policy on socio-economic development associated with environmental protection.

PECC1’s delegation at the inauguration ceremony

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